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If you are looking to purchase a business then we can help you find the best options that will meet your strategic needs and budget. If you have a business or part of a business that you are looking to sell, we can help you maximise the worth of your assets and optimise your returns.

We are recognised as one of the leaders in this field across the UK. We work across a range of business types and sectors, but have particular expertise in the Hotel, Licensed and Leisure sector. As a result, we are retained by many of the UK’s leading hospitality and leisure groups to manage the sales and disposal of their business portfolios.

We add value every step of the way – whether it’s using our negotiating skills to get the best possible deal, or looking for opportunities to maximise the value of your assets through strategic enhancements.

As one of the leading companies working in the hotel, leisure and licensed sector we can help you whatever your requirements. Our Hotel + Leisure service includes:

Business Disposals

We provide a full range of business disposal services, including marketing, sales and consultancy. We provide detailed and effective advice on the best way to dispose of a business and its assets and advise on the pricing that will deliver optimal results.

Business Acquisitions

We provide a full range of business acquisition services, including effective market research and negotiation services. We can also provide strategic and financial advice on mergers and acquisitions, helping you to build a dynamic and profitable business portfolio.

Business Valuations and Rent + Lease Reviews

We value businesses of various sizes, from individual traders to national and multi-national concerns. Our surveys and valuations are used for a variety of purposes, including secured lending, accounting, development projects and feasibility studies. We also provide business rent review services and can deliver lease renewals and re-gears.

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We provide full surveying and valuation services for land, property and businesses. We also provide rent review services and lease renewals and re-gears.

Buying and Selling

We are experts at helping hotel and leisure providers purchase, let and sell property. We can also provide strategic and financial advice.


We identify development and investment opportunities for those in the hotel and leisure industry. We also provide detailed appraisals of viable development options and advice on funding strategies and marketing.

Property Management

We can provide a comprehensive range of property management services. We take care of the fundamentals, minimise costs and help boost the value of built assets through strategic repairs and refurbishment.


We provide a comprehensive range of planning services and have a successful track record of securing planning permission.


We provide a full range of architectural and construction management services, including project monitoring, costs analysis and space planning.

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Our Expertise

We work on some of the UK’s most high-profile Hotel and Leisure projects and negotiations, but provide the same high level of service to all our clients big or small. Our corporate resources allow us to work as long-term partners with our clients and help them to achieve their business goals. Our network of 21 local offices means we can provide a fast, responsive service and a deep understanding of local markets and planning issues.

We offer a level of specialist expertise and experience that most other property consultants lack. Our advice is well-researched and realistic and we are skilled at working with all the key players in the sector, including staff, tenants, landlords, solicitors and relevant public sector bodies.

Our expertise is shown by the way in which we deliver our work. For example, when we sell or lease a property or business on behalf of a client, we ensure that their existing customers remain unaware of the change (as much as is possible) – so retaining good will and market value.

Most importantly, we place a major priority on confidentiality. You can be assured that we will protect your interests whilst ensuring that your business acquisition needs are handled efficiently and professionally.

Our Hotel + Leisure team provide a wide range of service elements. These are provided as required and mean that we can offer a bespoke service that meets each client’s needs perfectly. See below for more details.

  • the transfer of the Premise Licences
  • transferring staff under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings, Protection of Employment)
  • complex accounting assessments and valuations

Preparing Assets for Market

We help our clients prepare their assets so that they achieve the best possible sale and rental returns. We can advise on whether any changes or improvement should be made to generate a higher sale price or a faster sale.


We provide cost-effective marketing that delivers fast results. We use specialist website and publications to ensure that properties are seen by the largest number of potential purchasers and tenants. We also employ our extensive database of registered contacts to delivered targeted contacts.


We provide expert negotiating services for all types of business sales and acquisitions. During negotiations, opportunities can arise for either party to obtain a significant commercial advantage. We ensure that our client’s best interests are protected thanks to our expert understanding of the law and of the procedures involved.

Due Diligence

We work with all our clients to ensure that they have prepared up-to-date accounting information and all of the documentation required by legislation. This helps reassure potential buyers and tenants and speeds up decision making.


We have the expertise to advise on all aspects of business acquisitions and sales and can provide strategic advice on everything from market conditions to emerging investment opportunities. We can deliver detailed market briefings and have many years of experience working with companies to help them build up their business asset portfolios.


Our regional offices and their teams of local experts ensure that we know Scotland’s business market inside out. This expertise allows us to undertake in-depth research to locate businesses and assets that will best suit your strategic needs. To inform your purchasing or sales decision, we will prepare detailed availability and market reports, providing full market analysis, property details, prices and costs.

Rating Advice

We provide specialist rating advice. We draw on our in-depth knowledge of the Licensed Trade and Leisure sectors to ensure that our clients’ rating liabilities are minimised.

Lease Consultancy

We provide specialist lease consultancy advice as part of our business acquisition service. Our team can offer guidance on all relevant issues, highlighting clauses that clients might want to contest or insert and providing guidance on the statutory protections that apply.