Automotive + Roadside

Driving Growth in Roadside Real Estate

Our dedicated Automotive + Roadside team provides a full range of property consultancy services for companies operating in this sector. Our expertise covers a wide range of fields, including valuations, property management, planning consultancy and business acquisitions and disposals.

We add value every step of the way – whether it’s using our negotiating skills to get the best possible deal, or looking for opportunities to maximise the value of your assets through strategic enhancements.

We can also highlight opportunities to unlock hidden value. For example, advising on the potential for new developments, such as hotels, restaurants and Drive-Thru’s, within your existing roadside premises.

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Everything we do is designed to add value to your business. We’ll work closely with you to provide a bespoke solution to your specific needs. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Building Surveying and Valuations

We provide full surveying and valuation services for land, property and businesses. We also provide business rent review services and can deliver lease renewals and re-gears.

Buying and Selling

We are experts at buying and selling commercial land that has potential for development into roadside petroleum assets. We also buy and sell properties and businesses in this sector. Our skilled agents work to secure the best possible terms for our clients.


We identify development and investment opportunities for roadside and petroleum operators. We also provide detailed appraisals of viable options and advice on funding strategies and marketing.


We provide a comprehensive range of planning services for roadside and petroleum businesses and have a highly successful track record of securing planning permission.

Property Management

We provide a comprehensive range of property management services for roadside and petroleum operators. We will take care of the fundamentals, minimise your costs and help boost the value of your assets.


We provide a full range of architectural and construction management services, including construction monitoring, cost analysis and space planning.

Automotive + Roadside Specialists

We work UK-wide and have a specialist dedicated Automotive + Roadside team. To help you maximise the value of your business and assets, we can provide strategic advice along with sector-specific marketing. We are lead players in this field and are well placed to deliver excellent results.

We have been providing professional property services to the petroleum and roadside industry for over 40 years. Our clients include major oil companies, dealer groups, individual dealers, motor retailers, roadside chains, private landlords, developers and local authorities as well as major banks and financial institutions involved in this sector. Our team includes ex-oil Company personnel who are able to provide advice based on true industry insight and long-term sector experience.

Thanks to our sector-specific expertise we can deal professionally with a wide range of issues, including all associated environmental aspects. We understand how complex projects and transactions in this sector can be and are able to provide the necessary support and advice to ensure that a project progresses successfully from start to finish.

We draw on the expertise of all our departments to provide a wide range of in-house expertise that augments our principle services. We also have well-developed links with a wide range of contractors, so we can act as a one-stop shop to make life easy for our clients.

Our network of offices means we can provide a fast, responsive service and a deep understanding of local markets and planning issues.

  • 40+ years' experience
  • 100% UK coverage
  • 21 Offices across the UK