Quantity Surveying

Minising costs + maximising value
45+ Technical service team members
21 Offices across the UK

If you are looking for a Quantity Surveying team who can help you maximise the value of your property and minimise your costs and liabilities, then we are the team to come to.

Thanks to our expertise, experience and nationwide network of local offices we are able to deliver a professional, cost-effective service with a real personal touch. We place a high priority on expertise, good communication and building long-term client relationships based on trust.

We regularly undertake Feasibility Studies and Cost Plans to assess viability in advance of Development and Construction works as well as traditional Quantity Surveying and Cost Management Services including; advising on procurement strategies, compiling contract and tender documentation, checking works, valuations, variations and ensuring contractual obligations are met to deliver the project as specified, priced and to the highest possible standards and quality.

Everything we do is designed to add value. We’ll work closely with you to provide a bespoke solution to your specific needs. Our Quantity Surveying service includes:

Commercial Management

Our team boast a wide range of skills that meet the financial and cost control management needs of organisations and individuals across multiple sectors and UK locations. We place great emphasis on the control of construction costs and work to achieve results through the application of expert understanding of current prices of labour, materials and plant. In addition to an appreciation of design objectives and early-stage decisions, our team seek to ensure the maximum value for your investment.

Service Innovation

We offer comprehensive and innovative range of services provided by our quantity surveying team in conjunction with our building surveying and architectural teams which enables us to meet the constantly evolving needs of our clients. Our commitment is that, by continually developing our professionalism and resources, we will maintain our ability to deliver real savings and value at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Value and Risk Management

The success of construction projects arguably can be gauged on the ability of the surveying team to mitigate threats and maximise opportunities in relation to the overall objectives. A risk can be defined as an uncertain event or circumstance that, if it occurs, will affect the outcome of a project.

We recognise risk as being concerned with both threat and opportunity, where it can provide the chance to review and adapt. Our team work to identify, assess and provide creative cost-effective solutions at every step of your project.


As the world changes around us, sustainability is an important factor that many projects are now taking in to consideration from initial concept. From reducing build times, minimising waste and sourcing sustainable materials, we will work to ensure that both quality and cost is not compromised when it comes to the long-term value of your project.

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