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£3.5bn+ Worth of Assets Under Management
5000+ Assets

If you are looking for an effective Asset team that will take care of the fundamentals, minimise your costs and boost your asset’s value, we will deliver.

We manage a wide variety of commercial properties on behalf of our clients, including individual retail units, shopping centres, business parks, office blocks, industrial estates and petrol stations. Our client base ranges from blue chip companies and public sector organisations to single property investors.

We look for opportunities to upgrade and enhance our clients’ asset. Our aim is always to reduce running costs and future maintenance and repair bills, while maximising letting and re-sale values.

Everything we do is designed to add value. We’ll work closely with you to provide a bespoke solution to your specific needs. Our asset services includes:

Financial Services

We offer a comprehensive range of financial management services for commercial property. From rent collections and service charge operations through to debt management, cost controls and financial reporting.


We provide a comprehensive range of commercial property monitoring services, including property inspections, planned preventative maintenance, health and safety compliance and risk assessments. We also offer support when there have been breaches of covenant.

Facilities Management 

We deliver a full range of preventative maintenance and planned refurbishment services. This work is done pro-actively and in good time and is designed to remove or minimise future maintenance costs and to enhance the value of our clients’ property assets.

Procurement and Contractor Management

We provide a cost-effective procurement and contractor management service. We advise on what contractor services are required, short-list and select suppliers and draw up the necessary contractual arrangements. We also provide a monitoring service to ensure that high quality services are delivered.

Asset + Risk Management

We take a whole-life approach in developing, managing and delivering long-term asset plans to maximise our clients’ returns and minimise void periods, maintenance costs and other outgoings. We are committed to the active management of risk and work with leading health, safety and environmental consultants.

Net Zero Assets

We consider the environment in all that we do.  We work with specialist in-house teams and external consultants to identify practical and cost-effective ways of reducing energy demand and carbon impacts.

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Our Expertise

Our Asset Services team provides a friendly service and local expertise. Our wide geographical reach allows us to respond quickly to our clients’ requests and gives us national coverage – something many of our competitors cannot match.

We work with our clients as partners and help them manage their assets strategically over long periods of time. We are retained on some of the UK’s most high-profile contracts, but provide the same high level of service to all our clients big or small.

Each of our local offices is fully supported by the resources and expertise of our central support, ensuring the highest standard of service and expertise. We also work with a carefully selected group of contractors to ensure that all work is done cost effectively and to the highest quality.

We are committed to strong communication and transparency. We therefore allocate each client with a dedicated property manager and a centrally based accounts manager. We also operate a leading estate management software system to ensure the effective and accurate flow of financial information.

We offer a bespoke approach, based on the precise needs of each client. We provide a comprehensive range of service elements and will be happy to put together a bespoke package to meet your specific needs. See below for more details.

Cost Controls, Budgeting + Insurance

We work closely with landlords to assess their asset costs on an initial and on-going basis. We are experts at highlighting opportunities to reduce outgoings and at reducing contractor costs. We can also provide a full budgeting service, including budget forecasting, for each asset we manage. Our budget reviews ensure that the best possible contractors are employed and that all services are delivered in the most cost-effective way possible. We can advise on issues such as reserve funds and pre-emptive budgeting for repairs. For insurance needs, we work closely with leading insurance brokers to put together cost-effective packages for our clients that provide optimal levels of cover.

Rent Collection and Debt Management

We provide a flexible rent collection service for landlords. With us, you can be certain that your returns will be optimised and that good tenant relationships will be maintained. We also provide a comprehensive debt management service for the collection of all types of arrears. We are skilled at maximising the amount of money collected, while ensuring that good tenant relationships are maintained. This service is delivered in compliance with all current government legislations.

Financial Reporting

We provide a full range of cost-effective financial reporting and control services to assist with the financial management of an asset or asset portfolio. We offer book-keeping and reporting services and will deliver accounting reports in a form that will dovetail with your financial systems. We can also provide bespoke financial reports to help you make the most effective property investment decisions.

Purchase Ledger and Service Charge Management

We provide a cost-effective purchase ledger management service. We can timetable and deliver payment runs on your behalf, liaise with all parties, and highlight problematic items or opportunities for cost savings. We can also provide a full reporting service. We manage service charges in a way that streamlines collections and maximises cost recovery. We have particular expertise managing complex, multi-schedule service charge operations. We place a high priority on good communications so that all parties are kept well informed and in agreement and that landlord liabilities are minimised.

Property Inspections + Void Management

Our regular property inspections ensure that our clients’ properties are in a good state of repair and well-maintained, that contractors are delivering their services properly and that tenants are keeping to all relevant aspects of their tenancy agreements. We provide comprehensive inspection reports that highlight any problems and recommend maintenance or refurbishment work. When assets are empty, we provide a comprehensive void management service working with specialist empty property contractors, to ensure the assets are safe and secure to recognised industry standard.

Health + Safety compliance and Risk Management

We ensure that our clients' assets are in full compliance with all relevant health and safety laws and regulations. As part of our service, we monitor legislative changes and alert our clients' to all changes that might affect them.

We provide a range of risk and compliance services. These are delivered by our own team and carefully selected group of specialist consultants. Thanks to our experience managing a wide range of assets, we have a comprehensive understanding of the legislation and requirements that cover this issue and can advise and help accordingly.

New Lettings + Rent Reviews

We advise on rent reviews and on the optimal rates that should be charged. As part of this work, we will review the property, the provisions of existing leases and the current condition of the market (amongst other issues). We also provide advice to landlords on all aspects of lease expiry and renewal. These issues include serving notices to tenants, drawing up the terms of new leases and making claims for dilapidations.

Tenant Relationships + Breaches of Covenant

We work in partnership with tenants and landlords to ensure that all contractual issues are well implemented and managed, that tenants are happy with their tenancy and that any issues or complaints are dealt with swiftly and to the satisfaction of all parties. In cases where there has been a breach in a covenant or lease, we advise all parties of how to resolve the issue and to protect their best interests. Where necessary we can arrange legal advice and representation.

Contractor Selection + Approval and Utilities Tendering

Our contractor selection and approval service ensures that the best contractor is chosen for a specific project and that they are employed on terms that best serve the interests of our client. We can provide advice on what contractor services are required and will ensure that procurement dovetails with any in-house procurement guidelines you have in place. We also provide a comprehensive utilities tendering service, data validation, recharging and bespoke energy management.