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Our in-house Architectural team provides a full range of space planning services for new-build developments and refurbishments. Working from architectural plans or from on-site surveys, we can produce space management plans that will enhance the design of for all types of spaces, buildings and developments.

Our space planning service optimises the way in which internal spaces are laid out, making the most efficient use of floor space, and enhancing the flow and circulation of people through a building. This, in turn, maximises day-to-day functionality and boosts the accessibility and flexibility of a space or building. Our space planning service also allows the testing of many different aspects of building design such as orientations, views and furniture. Overall it is a highly effective way of balancing the multiple challenges and priorities inherent in building design.

Everything we do is designed to add value. We’ll work closely with you to provide a bespoke Space Planning solution to your specific needs. Our service includes:

Space planning analysis

To deliver an effective space plan we will conduct an in-depth analysis of how physical space is used in the structure we are reviewing or developing. This will assess key issues such as the priority uses of the spaces and the needs of occupants.

Accessibility and other specific assessments

If you have any specific issues that you need assessing, we will incorporate these into our analysis. One important facet that we often focus on is accessibility – making the space easy to use by differently abled people, such as those who use wheelchairs or have other mobility challenges.

Production of space plans

Following on from our space planning analysis, we will produce a comprehensive space plan. This will set out the required elements of the space or building under review, including windows, doors and furniture.

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Our Expertise

We deliver space planning and other architectural services to a wide range of retail clients, developers, local authorities, inward investors, government departments and major retailers. In all our work we aim to design-in value, providing cost-saving solutions that other might miss.

Our architectural team provides support to all our offices and projects throughout Scotland and England. Each of our local teams is fully supported by the resources and expertise of our head office, ensuring the highest standard of service and expertise.

Our Architectural team works closely with our building surveying specialists. This allows us to perform all financial, design, contractual and site monitoring functions to ensure projects are taken through to a successful conclusion.

We work on some of the UK’s most high-profile property development, but provide the same high level of architectural service to all our clients big or small. Our corporate resources allow us to work as long-term partners with our clients and help them to achieve their business goals.