High Street, Paisley

Graham + Sibbald have, over the years, developed a close professional working relationship with the Co-Op, and have enjoyed working with them on a number of projects in recent years. Following a standard tender process and bid, our Team were pleased to secure the Refurbishment Contract.


Our Team arranged initial meetings to collate all design and operational issues. From there, our project managers reviewed the pre-contract and post-contract terms and our architects put together proposed designs for the modernisation of the space.

Key Challenges

The principal challenge faced was working to the set timescale and within a ‘live’ retail outlet. The project was carried out in a number of different phases to ensure minimal disruption.

Unique Issues

Despite regular progress meetings being arranged, our Team found the best way to communicate between meetings was to create a closed intranet page which the design team and client could access at any point. This enabled all parties to be kept up-to-date on progress and allowed space for any key areas of discussion.


Refurbishments of the retail space improved the design and lighting throughout, creating a modern and vibrant environment. This led to an increase in footfall, sales and asset value. Phase 1 and 2 were completed on time and within budget, with Phase 3 currently underway to finalise the project.

Key Message

Addressing any communication downfalls as early on as possible is the key to ensuring a smooth project from the outset. Being able to liaise with the design team and client regardless of the time of day enabled our Team to deliver this project to the high standard that Co-Op expected.

  • August 2017
    project commenced
  • Phase 3
    currently underway to finalise project