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If you are looking for a Planning team that takes a pro-active approach and has a highly successful track record of securing planning permission, then we are the company to contact.

We work on a mix of commercial and residential planning projects throughout Scotland and England, providing a full range of planning services (including appeals) for both private and public sector clients.

We work with specialist technical consultants and public affairs consultants to ensure that any issues (such as complaints from the public) are dealt with professionally and in good time. We are practical and business-focused, always looking for ways in which we can help our clients maximise the value of their assets.

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Everything we do is designed to add value. We’ll work closely with you to provide a bespoke solution to your specific needs. Our planning service includes:

Advice and Consultancy

We can provide advice and consultancy services on all aspects of planning. We can advise on the feasibility and viability of planning proposals as well as design requirements.

Initial Planning Appraisals

We work with our clients in the run up to planning proposals to help them unlock maximum value from their development sites. We look for potential hurdles and constraints that might impede the planning process.

Planning Applications

We provide a comprehensive planning application service and will ensure that a robust case is presented for your project and that all appropriate information/ technical assessments (including Environmental Impact Assessments and Socio-Economic Assessments) are provided in support of your application.

Planning Appeals

We have a long and successful track record of winning planning appeals and can act on your behalf to contest planning refusals at both Local Review Body and DPEA. We will use our expertise to work up the grounds for an appeal. We will then prepare and present a robust appeal case and do all we can to get your planning permission granted.

Land Promotion

We can provide services for the promotion of land for development through the Local Development Plan process. We work at all stages of the Plan-making process, from Call for Sites to Examination to ensure our clients assets are protected and enhanced.

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Our Expertise

Our Planning team comprises Chartered Planners, Surveyors and Practitioner Members of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. They are all expert negotiators and have an in-depth understanding the planning process and legislation. Their expertise and experience allows us to deliver planning consents that are commercially viable and deliverable.

We take a proactive and commercial approach to planning consultancy, working closely with our clients from the earliest stages of the planning process to pre-empt any potential challenges and develop the most robust strategic approach possible.

We work on some of the most high-profile planning projects but provide the same high level of service to all our clients big or small. Each of our offices are fully supported by the resources and expertise of our head office, ensuring the highest standard of service and expertise.

Our Planning team provides a wide range of service elements. These are provided as required. This mean that we can offer a bespoke service that meets each client’s needs perfectly. See below for more details.


We provide a planning monitoring service to ensure that a client’s interests are protected and that they are kept up-to-date with all planning developments and on the progress of any on-going planning negotiations.

Stakeholder Engagement

We provide a full stakeholder engagement service to reach out to communities to explain the details of a planning proposal, answer any questions and address any concerns. We also engage with all other stakeholders and work with public affairs consultants to engage with councils and communities.

Planning Negotiations

We have broad experience and understanding of the planning process, which allows us to navigate the system effectively. We are skilled negotiators and can engage in developer contribution discussions, and resolve political or technical planning issues.

Expert Witnesses

We have considerable experience acting as expert witnesses at public inquiries, planning hearings and land tribunals. Our extensive contacts allow us to provide experts to speak on all relevant specialist issues.

Network of Specialist Consultants

We have an extensive network of architects, political and public affairs consultants, researchers, and technical consultants whose expertise we can draw on for the successful progression of a development. We can also project manage any technical input throughout the planning process.

Specialist Assessments

We can offer our own technical assessments in support of planning applications, including Environmental Impact Assessments, Socio-economic Assessments, Retail Impact Assessments, and Planning and Market Assessments.

Compulsory Purchase

Working with our valuation colleagues we can assist clients in cases of Compulsory Purchase, and have experience of acting for both local authorities and landowners.