Renewable Energy Relief

You may be able to get 100% rates relief your properties are used solely for renewable energy production. To be eligible for this relief, your scheme has to produce heat or power from any of the following sources;

  • Biomass
  • Biofuels
  • Fuel cells
  • Photovoltaics
  • Wind
  • Solar power
  • Geothermal sources
  • Water (including waves and tides but excluding production from the pumped storage of water)

These methods of generation for all take place at the eligible property itself.

How much relief you can receive depends of the rateable value. Note that if you have more than one business property, the rateable values are combined;

  • Up to £145,000 = 100% relief
  • £145,001 – £430,000 = 50% relief
  • £430,001 – £860,000 = 25% relief
  • £860,001 – £4 million = 10% relief
  • More than £4 million = 2.5% relief

You can receive 60% relief if;

  • Your scheme produces heat or power from water (including waves and tides, but excluding production from the pumped storage of water), and
  • Has a rateable value of no more than £5 million

Please note that under certain circumstances, you may be entitled to more than one type of relief. These include the following;

To discuss any of these relief opportunities in further detail, or for assistance in applying, please contact our Rating team direct via