Growth Accelerator Relief

Growth Accelerator relief is granted under the terms of The Non Domestic Rates (New and Improved Properties) (Scotland) Regulations 2018.

From 1st April 2018 rate relief can be awarded to properties newly entered on the valuation roll (new builds) and to properties that have had improvements carried out.

Eligibility criteria includes;

  • New entry property: the new build property must have been entered on to the valuation roll either on or after 1st April 2018 – it cannot be part of an entry shown on the roll prior to this date
  • Property improvements: the property is shown in an existing entry for which there is an increase in rateable value on or after 1st April 2018 caused by the refurbishment, expansion or alteration of one or more of the buildings in the entry – it cannot be caused by the combination, division or reorganisation of any subject that was shown in a different entry or by a change of use

New entry properties that are vacant when they appear on the valuation roll receive 100% relief while the property is empty. Please note that this is for an unlimited time. New entries that are occupied when they first appear on the roll or are vacant but then become occupied, will received 100% relief for 12 months from the date of first occupation.

Property improvement relief can be awarded when a subject is empty or occupied. Ratepayers can apply for this release in accordance with each increase in rateable value during 2018/19. This relief restricts the rates payable to the level payable prior to any increase in rateable value. Please note that this relief is 100% of the increase in rates but does not negate the full rates liability. Relief of the rates increase is granted for 12 months.

Please note that under certain circumstances, you may be entitled to more than one type of relief. These include the following;

To discuss any of these relief opportunities in further detail, or for assistance in applying, please contact our Rating team direct via