The Wonder Spot

Graham + Sibbald were delighted to secure planning consent for a Change of Use at a former estate agents office in Edinburgh, enabling it to operate as a café.

The café opened in November 2019 and trading has begun at The Wonder Spot, a unique hangout in the trendy Stockbridge district of Edinburgh, serving coffee and light bites, and featuring art from different local artists each month.

Angela and David Jackson, the couple behind this latest addition to Stockbridge’s vibrant streetscape, initially contacted Graham + Sibbald in July 2019 to discuss their plans for the property and see what consents they would need. Murray Rankin, Graduate Planner, took on the proposal and offered advice and assistance to Angela and David, guiding them through the planning process, preparing and submitting the application, handling discussions with the Council, and obtaining the Change of Use that would enable Angela and David to get their business up and running. The consent was received in late September 2019, ahead of schedule and two weeks before the Council’s deadline for determination.

Angela and David’s vision for The Wonder Spot was that it would offer a place for people to stop in for a coffee and a friendly chat, and also be a cultural hotspot in an already vibrant district of Edinburgh. Part of this involves displaying the art of a different featured artist each month, and Graham + Sibbald have also been excited to be able to lend our support in this aspect; we have sponsored the display of December’s featured artist, David Barrington.

Murray recently attended the café to see the launch of David’s art as the featured artist and to check in with Angela and David.

“It was great to see how Angela and David have transformed what was a dusty old estate agents into a really attractive and welcoming space for people to have a coffee and take in some local culture. I’m really pleased to have been able to be a part of the process of getting their vision off the ground as I feel like Angela and David are really on to something with this set up,” said Murray.

“It’s a really nice feeling to know our planning assistance has enabled them to achieve their goals in setting up this business, as well as contributing positively to the area and offering something a bit different for locals. I went along last week and saw what they’d done with the place and had a look at David’s art too, both of which I was hugely impressed by. It’s great that David has somewhere like The Wonder Spot to showcase his artistic talent and get his work seen by customers of the café. I predict a bright future for both David and the café and I’m delighted that we could support both of them in their endeavors.”

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