Tannochside Park and Calder Park

Graham + Sibbald (G+S) act as property managers for Tannochside Business Park and Calder Park and have done so since 1997. We act on behalf of the proprietors of the estates and our remit is to manage the common areas.

Our management includes maintenance of property records, site inspections and dealing with day-to-day maintenance matters. Acting as a liaison between site proprietors, we facilitate the resolution of disputes and act in an advisory capacity in matters of Deeds of Conditions.

We administer financial and accounting services ensuring the collection of insurance and service charge premiums, monitoring of arrears, management of funds, payment of invoices and suppliers, administering of service charge accounts and proactive and reactive maintenance and repairs, including implementation of planned maintenance programmes.

With the assistance and collaboration of landscape managers and architects, we ensure the estates are maintained to the highest standard in a proactive manner and in accordance with good arboreal practice.

Graham + Sibbald have extensive experience in business park and industrial estate management. The length of service in maintaining these estates demonstrates our capabilities and commitment to a quality standard of service, as well as the development of long-standing working relationships with the proprietors.


We ensure clear lines of communication with the proprietors so they understand their responsibilities and the role of G+S. We have a detailed understanding of the estates Deeds of Conditions to ensure the correct voting procedures are applied to annual general meetings. By regularly tendering for the landscaping and landscape architect contracts, we achieve best value for the proprietors.

Key Challenges

The key challenges faced include; ensuring that proprietors meet their obligations and comply in all aspects with the estate Deed of Conditions, to provide proactive management and engagements with proprietors, which is facilitated by arranging annual general meetings and impartially helping to resolve disputes between neighboring proprietors, local residents and businesses located outwith the estate boundaries.

Unique Issues

Dealing with large estates has a unique set of challenges, in particular when the estate has large portions of woodland. In this instance, it is important to keep track of the size and condition of the trees, ensuring that planned maintenance is properly tendered to a precise specification. Furthermore, these works need to be planned accordingly to ensure budgets are not overstretched.


By developing effective working relationships and by being proactive in our duties, we have been retained on both sites for over twenty years. We actively engage with proprietors, provide reasoned advice, and input where required.

Key Message

By being proactive and working closely with landscape architects we ensure the business parks are well maintained and in accordance with good arboreal practice. Our close working relationships with proprietors is a testament to our experience and successful property management delivery.

  • 1997
    initial instruction received
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