St Mark’s Road, Chester

Graham + Sibbald have worked with Sanctuary Housing on a number of projects in the past and were pleased to be able to offer their services again.

The building surveying team in particular have a good working relationship with the client and are able to advise across a number of projects and services.


The team carried out initial structural and drainage investigations to establish the extent of structural works required to stabilise the properties. Investigations were also required in order to realign internal flooring and for door openings to be squared off.

Key Challenges

Given that the site was a live environment, all works were required to be split in to four separate phases in order to cause minimal disruption.

The site had been constructed on the edge of a landfill site. This meant that additional investigations were required to determine the underlying ground conditions before any other works could begin.

Graham + Sibbald’s building surveying team approached the situation on the basis of aiming to minimise the extent of structural underpinning works required.


The majority of works were completed within a timely manner, however, the team encountered asbestos within the site which required specialist removal. Electrical rewiring works were also required to be completed in order to update and modernise the site as per the initial instruction brief from the client.

Overall the project was completed within budget and to the standard expected by the client, with each phase of the structural stabilisation and refurbishment being carried out within a suitable time period.

Key Message

Time management and budget management were key to ensuring that this project did not exceed a suitable time period or the client’s budget.

The phased delivery of the project proved to be an effective way of completing all necessary works, allowing for minimal disruption.

  • 19
    bungalows refurbished in Chester
  • 2019
    project successfully completed in February