Princes Gate, Hamilton

We provide a comprehensive range of general management services for the Hamilton development and its occupants. These services include providing advice on the legislation and policy that affects the property, maintaining property records, the supervision of lease compliance, property inspections and dealing with day-to-day maintenance matters and minor redecoration works.

In addition, we provide a range of financial and accounting services. These ensure timely collection of rent, insurance and service charge premiums. We also monitor any arrears, manage funds and prepare rent accounts, including VAT records. We also manage the payment of invoices and suppliers and administer service charge accounts.

Our approach led to a reduction in service charge expenditure during the first year that the development was under management. We have maintained service charge expenditure at agreed ‘best value’ levels throughout subsequent years. Our on-going policy of engaging with all occupiers has led to the development of good working relationships with all parties and has ensured that landlord and tenant relations are productive and open.

  • £10k
    project value per annum
  • June 2013
    start to present day