Resident Wall, Liverpool

Graham + Sibbald (G+S) were approached by Sanctuary Housing Association to look at boundary wall which was in poor condition in Liverpool. The wall was in unsafe condition and posed a risk to the resident residing in the property of care. The wall had been fenced off and deemed unsafe having an impact on the local resident who enjoyed being in the back yard.


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G&S worked closely with Sanctuary Housing Association and SMCL (Sanctuary’s in house maintenance team) to carefully take down the old wall and rebuild a new wall, whilst liaising with the adjoining owner. Our building surveying teams successfully managed the process from conception through to completion for an opening February 2022.

The service G&S offered included;

  • Initial inspection to advise if the Party Wall Act applied.
  • Review the works which are required and to issue the relevant notices under the Party Wall Act 1996.
  • Undertake further investigative works with a structural engineer to ascertain if there are any foundations.
  • Liaise with the adjoining owner and the client to confirm the works and produce a specification to provide a cost to undertake the works.
  • Undertake a Schedule of condition of the adjoining owners property.
  • Coordination of the works whilst on site and project manage and monitor the works, ensuring the client and adjoining owner are happy with the works.
  • Undertake regular site inspection to ensure quality of works.
  • Upon completion damages have been occurred to the adjoining owners property due to the works, site inspection of the adjoining owners damages.
  • Liaise with the client and confirm that damages are due to the works. Organise a site visit to rectify the works


To work with Sanctuary to achieve their aspirations to improve the boundary wall between the two properties. We firstly needed to make good communication with the adjoining owner to advise of the works and formally issue the notice in person. Communication firstly was proven difficult as we could not make contact. However, we eventually made contact and advised of the works, coming to an agreement to continue with the renovation works.


This resulted in providing the client and the adjoining owner with a new and safe wall to split both properties. Further success came in the form of the residence of both properties allowing to safely use their back yards.


Graham & Sibbald can provide use of their knowledge and expertise when it come to Party Wall issues. We can provide good communication between both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owners to agree on the works and provide a swift project completion, leaving our client and the adjoining happy with the works undertaken.

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“Graham + Sibbald have provided a specialised party wall service covering all aspects of the party wall act. Services included liaising with neighbouring homeowner, preparing a schedule of condition report, scope of work including CAD drawings, site inspections and facilitating a foundation design. Party Wall Surveyor appointed was knowledgeable, approachable providing friendly professional advice.” -Sue Kelly, Senior Asset Surveyor, Sanctuary Housing Group