Grove Street, Wilmslow

Graham + Sibbald have the coverage on a national level and knowledge at local level to deliver exactly what the client requires. We also have mutually beneficial relationships with similar organisations to yourselves. We have an understanding of the requirements of these organisations and knowledge of what input they require.


Graham + Sibbald provided strategic acquisition advice to a private client who had a requirement for income producing investments within the North West of England. We acquired 55 Grove Street, Wilmslow, Cheshire after a competitive bid’s day on their behalf.

Graham + Sibbald discussed the requirement with their client to understand their brief. Upon securing the brief, we undertook a search of the market to find the right investment and shortlisted 55 Grove Street, Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Once shortlisted we undertook an initial viewing on behalf of the client and another accompanying the client. We provided a report to our client with our thoughts on values, the investment and how we should approach the final bids day. We also undertook due diligence on the investment.

Graham + Sibbald throughout the process kept our client up to date on all progress and liaised with the selling agent and the solicitors to make sure the process was moving at all times, allowing our client to have a smooth transaction.

This helps to streamline the process and remove unnecessary delays which frustrate clients. Good options, with the best possible terms and management make a client’s decision making much easier.

Key Challenges

With the above taken into account and the interest from competing parties, the key challenge was to get the offer correct on the day of final bids. Using our initial report to the client, we advised our client on a competitive offer and we placed the offer on their behalf. Our bid was successful at we progressed matters to solicitors.


We were successful in our final bid on a very competitive bids day which had several other investors bidding.  We provided a comprehensive service to our client from start to finish. We managed the process on our client’s behalf until completion liaising with solicitors and the agent acting for the seller. We managed to have all matters concluded within 6 weeks of the bid being accepted.

This resulted in our client securing 7 years of income, acquiring a strong covenant in Starbucks for their property portfolio. The Investment also provides an opportunity for redevelopment of the upper floors in future, underpinning the investment.

Key Message

Delivering quality advice to clients, ensuring they can rest in the knowledge that when they require acquisition or disposal Agency input, they know it will be managed quickly and appropriately.

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