Perth + Kinross Council Consultation

Perth + Kinross Council is currently holding an open consultation on draft Supplementary Guidance in a number of subject areas. When adopted, this guidance will provide further planning detail on their subject area and form a statutory part of the Local Development Plan. Draft guidance on the following subjects has been produced and is being consulted on;

  • Developer Contributions + Affordable Housing
  • Green + Blue Infrastructure
  • Forest + Woodland Strategy
  • Landscape
  • Renewable + Low Carbon Energy

Supplementary Guidance expands upon existing policies and proposals and is used to support the content of the Local Development Plan. It is particularly important when detail is required for a specific policy area or strategic development site.

This consultation allows comment to be made on the draft guidance. The Council will consider comments and take them into account in preparing the finalised Guidance. Comments are being accepted until the 30th September 2019.

If you are interested in making a submission to this consultation or are looking for more information, please contact a member of the Planning & Development Team at