Magali Dragosevic

Accounts Manager

Magali is Accounts Manager. Based in the London office, she joined Graham + Sibbald in June 2022, following their acquisition of Keningtons LLP, with whom she had worked for the past eight years. On completion of Business Management studies in Paris, she moved to London where she explored possibilities as Translator, assisting various companies with international marketing objectives. It is then that she switched paths, acquiring a wealth of knowledge from various roles including business accounts manager and deputy head of operations in equity trading.

In the first instance, Magali’s expanse of knowledge and hands on attitude provided her with the ability to assist Alison Rae, Group Operations Director, to ensure appropriate transition of all corporate daily accounts from Keningtons to Graham + Sibbald. Upon successful transition, she then joined Katriona Kelly, Head of Accounts with whom she now works as Accounts Manager, to provide and maintain direct day-to-day accounts and reporting on various offices across England. Dedicated and analytical, she can be called upon to assist with any finance related matters.

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