New Year, New Design?

In December 2021 we spoke with leading Scottish interior designer John Amabile about the benefits of mothballing and how it provides a unique opportunity to re-design and refresh a property. Although re-freshing property can be expensive John tells us how it can be done on a budget but can appear you have invested much more.

Taking time to think about how to improve your business is an investment in itself but it is worth it. By not taking this time you could be left behind your competitors as it only takes one to offer something more stylish, fresher and innovative. In order to keep within the budget it is important to think on a room-by-room basis, this will allow you to plan exactly what needs refreshed and how you plan to do it. In everything you do, be mindful of your market and target your redesign around this.

One way in which costs can be kept within budget but still have a high quality finish is by looking on sites such as Gumtree and eBay or looking in your local area for web-based ‘for sale’ sites. Browsing in places such as these is great for Scandinavian, Scottish, Retro or Boho looks! In the real world, you can use your local community resources such as car boot sales and markets or charity shops and see what you can re-purpose or get for free.

In recent years renovating cabins and lodges has become very popular. Cabins and lodges have become very popular since Covid-19 as they have become a home away from home for many people. These should be designed to be comfortable and effortlessly appealing, creating a relaxing setting to escape from day-to-day life.

If you are craving the OH WOW look then take a look at John’s Essentials Range of cushions and curtains or drop the team an email for a free consultation. They are the perfect way to enhance and co-ordinate your rooms with textiles and colours.

For more inspiration, his YouTube ( Facebook ( are full to the brim with top tips. Why not also search #amabilehomehaven on Instagram?



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