Moray Council Developer Contributions Supplementary Guidance Consultation

Moray Council has recently published a draft of their updated Supplementary Guidance on Developer Contributions. This document sets out the thresholds, methodology, and rates at which new developments will be required to provide contributions towards local infrastructure in the Moray Council area. When adopted, this Guidance will be the statutory policy on Developer Contributions affecting all development within Moray.

The draft Guidance is currently subject to a consultation that allows comments and suggestions to be put forward on the Guidance. These comments will be considered by the Council and taken into account in the preparation of the finalised Guidance. Comments are being accepted until the 14th February 2020.

While it is too lengthy to summarise the entire document, the below table sets out the contribution levels proposed in the draft Guidance compared to the existing contribution levels, showing how they will change. All costs are per standard house unit equivalent unless otherwise stated.

The proposed guidance proposes the additions of several new contributions not currently present in the Guidance; rezoning school catchments, bus services, dental practices, and community pharmacies. Rezoning school catchment areas is usually considered as an alternative to other education contributions.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Moray Draft Developer Contributions Supplementary Guidance, or would like to submit a comment or representation to this consultation, please contact a member of our Planning + Development team at