Modern Apprentice & APC Success

After 3.5 years of studying I can finally say I am a Chartered Surveyor.


After a tough 3 years juggling full-time work and study I was delighted to achieve a First Class Honours from University College of Estate Management  at the end of last year and now 6 months down the line I am fully chartered – something I think very few of my school teachers would have ever believed!!


I will be eternally grateful to Graham + Sibbald for taking a risk on me despite having no real qualifications to my name and enrolling me on their Modern Apprenticeship Programme back in 2016. A big thank you must also go to all of my colleagues whose support throughout my studies has been second to none.


There is still far too much pressure on kids to know exactly what career path they wish to take at such a young age. I know for a fact that all I wanted to do at school and up until my mid 20s was play rugby and I think I probably learned more valuable lessons from this than I ever would have going to university for the sake of it. The Modern Apprenticeship Programme is something I feel very strongly about and would be more than happy to discuss the benefits with any school leavers or those looking to start a new career.