G+S Agency update on Covid-19 situation for Private Landlords

With a nation-wide lockdown now in place, these are unprecedented times but at Graham + Sibbald we know that our resolve will see us through.

Our experienced specialist advisers have an unrivalled depth of knowledge of all local Scottish Markets. We provide bespoke commercial property consultancy services across Scotland. We are therefore extremely well placed to help you solve the complex challenges, risks and opportunities that the current situation poses.

We are keeping a watching brief on developments and will be able to help you with any specific questions.

For Private Landlords, we advise that you take the following steps to minimise the impact of the crisis on you and your tenants:

  1. Communicate proactively with your tenants. Can you agree rent free / rent holidays for an agreed term?
  2. Be clear with any agreements made – rent free is not the same as a rent holiday therefore tenants should understand the requirements of when rent should be paid back.
  3. Document any agreement formally, make the agreement personal to the tenant and ensure both parties sign the agreement.
  4. Speak to your lender and check your loan facilities – you may need covenants relaxed if tenants stop paying rent.
  5. If a guarantor or lender is party to any lease or loan facility, you may need to seek their consent to any agreement made. This should be understood from the outset prior to any discussions progressing.
  6. Check your insurance policy as your property may currently be unoccupied and this could have implications for the management of the building.
  7. Take advice on whether the terms of your leases need to be changed. NB: Any changes to lease terms should be legally documented.


Whatever your questions or concerns, get in touch with:

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