Glasgow Ranks Number One in CGA Top Ten Review

The recent CGA Top Cities: Vibrancy Ranking listed Glasgow, Scotland in the number one position of the top ten, Britain’s biggest cities. The vibrancy ranking covered the first six four-week periods of 2022 and reflects combined sales data of more than 8,000 pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK.

At Graham + Sibbald, our established UK team of Hotel + Leisure Agents have seen a wide variety of hotels and leisure premises come on to the market and sell quickly of late, as the Covid-19 market recovery is still very much underway.

Peter Seymour, Director of Hotel + Leisure at Graham + Sibbald, commented, “It’s great to see the market return to pre-pandemic levels of activity and with tourists flocking to cities across the UK, I’m really pleased to see Glasgow take the number one spot.”

“Glasgow has so much to offer across leisure and hospitality sectors, with what must be record check-in’s since 2019 reported by the CGA. It will be interesting to see what the end of year review details with Edinburgh and even Manchester ranking higher than one would expect.”

Recognised as one of the leaders in this field across the UK, the Graham + Sibbald team work across a range of business types and sectors, but have particular expertise in the Hotel, Licensed and Leisure sector.

Graham + Sibbald has around 230 staff members working across its 20 UK offices in Scotland and England.