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Graham + Sibbald’s very own Bilal Ashraf, Associate, sat down with EG to discuss how our business has adapted to the recent health crisis, expectations for the market and permanent changes for the industry.

In such challenging times, what are the top three imperatives that your team are focused on to support your clients?
Covid-19 brought many challenges in terms of client relationships. The halt on meeting clients face-to-face was the toughest of them all. However, I would say the top three things that the team at Graham + Sibbald focused on were:

Communication. We had to adapt our communication methods to keep our clients informed. We used Zoom and Teams calls to “meet” clients face-to-face, and our teams also used both methods to communicate between our offices throughout Scotland and England. This allowed us to keep our clients in the know about the market, how it was changing throughout the pandemic, and allowed us to keep clients updated on their instructions on a more personal level and provide the highest standard of service to them at all times.

Instructions. With lockdown, the team had to adapt the traditional way of receiving instructions and offering advice. With challenges such as closure of…


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