East Dunbartonshire Council – Proposed Plan Consultation

East Dunbartonshire Council are now consulting on their Proposed Plan in the latest stage of their preparation of a new Local Development Plan for the East Dunbartonshire area. This is one of the final phases of the plan-making process and offers the last opportunity for stakeholders and members of the public to provide comments on the Plan through a consultation process.

The Proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) contains the policies and development allocations that East Dunbartonshire Council intend to adopt in their finalised LDP 2, which, when adopted, will replace the current LDP. The LDP is the document which sets out the guidelines and principles that will direct development in East Dunbartonshire over the next ten years. The document shows where certain types of development should take place and the policies that apply in specific locations, as well as how development should take place and what will be acceptable.

The current consultation is ongoing until the 25th January 2021 and is open for all interested parties to make submissions related to proposed policies, objectives, or development allocations. This is the final opportunity to provide comment on the plan and the Council will review all consultation responses and make amendments as appropriate before submitting the Plan to the Scottish Government for examination.

If you would like to discuss a proposed allocation relating to a site of interest to you, specific policies in the Plan, or are considering making a submission to the consultation, get in touch with our Planning + Development Team at planning@g-s.co.uk.