Scottish Government Reviewing Compulsory Purchase Powers


The Scottish Government has begun the process of reviewing how it can reform Compulsory Purchase powers in Scotland, following a commitment to review this in the 2023/24 Programme for Government.

Compulsory Purchase Orders can yield significant economic, social, and environmental benefits through the delivery of significant developments and crucial infrastructure, but given that they involve the forcible acquisition of private property, the process is clearly important to get right. The Scottish Law Commission’s review of compulsory purchase powers between 2014-2016, identified that the current system was in need of modernisation, and did not operate fairly either procedurally or in terms of compensation awards. As a result, a commitment has been made to reform the process.

The first step in this reform has been commenced, with the Scottish Government having formed a Practitioner Advisory Group to provide feedback on proposals and as a source of practical knowledge and insight. The Government envisages that a public consultation on proposals, formed as a result of engagement with the Advisory Group, will take place sometime in 2025.

The Scottish Government is keen to hear from those with views and insights on the current system, and ideas for ways this can be improved.

Any views or ideas should be sent to

More information can be found on the Scottish Government’s Transforming Planning website, here: