Business Rates Newsletter – April 2020

We outline below details on the current position on rates relief and grants available due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The English regulations have been available since 2 April as outlined within the ‘Coronavirus Response – Local Authority Guidance’ issued by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and the Scottish Local Authorities have been slightly behind. In fact the Edinburgh Council web page links to this to assist with the definition!

There has been some confusion with regards qualifying properties and although it clearly states this guidance applies to England only the Scottish Parliament confirmed at the outset that the rates relief applied in England would be reciprocated in Scotland. As the finance for the various schemes is being provided by the Chancellor it would appear sensible a ‘level playing field’ is adopted. We therefore include the current definitions as outlined in England where we assume will be reciprocated in Scotland.

Any areas of confusion should be directed to the Finance Department who issued the rates invoice and directed to the Local Authority Guidance as above.

Further details on the rates relief can be found via the link below:

Business Rates Newsletter April 2020