Homebuyer Survey + Valuation


Normally instructed by the purchaser

The survey and valuation report provides a more detailed report than a Scheme 1 survey and will assist in making a reasoned and informed judgement on whether or not to proceed with the purchase, to assess at what price it would be reasonable to purchase the property and to be clear what decision and action should be taken before an offer to purchase is concluded. The survey and valuation therefore provides a report on the general condition of the property and features which affect its value and may affect its future re-sale. The report will focus on matters which we judge to be urgent and/or significant. Significant matters are defined as matters which could reasonably be expected in negotiations over the price to be reflected in the amount finally agreed.

The inspection is a general surface examination of those parts of the property which are accessible, i.e. visible and readily available, for example an examination from ground and floor levels without risk of causing damage to the property or injury to the surveyor. As such therefore the inspection is limited due to concerns regarding safety, practicality and the constraints placed by virtue of the property being occupied. Furniture, floor coverings and other contents are not moved or lifted, no part of the building is forced or laid open to make it accessible.