We provide a comprehensive range of commercial property monitoring services. We will be happy to put together a bespoke package of these services to meet your specific needs. In everything we do, we will work to reduce operating costs and liabilities and to enhance the value of your property assets, so that they can be sold at a profit.

We work in partnerships with tenants to ensure that they are happy with our work and to involve them where appropriate.

Underlining our commitment to good communication and transparency, we allocate each client with a local property manager, giving them a dedicated and regular point of contact.

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10,000+ Property inspections carried out annually
IOSH All Property Managers trained + certified in Health & Safety through the Institution of Occupational Safety + Health

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Property Inspections

We undertake regular property inspections to ensure that our clients’ properties are in a good state of repair and well-maintained, that contractors are delivering their services properly and that tenants are keeping to all relevant aspects of their tenancy agreements. We provide comprehensive inspection reports, highlighting any issues that the landlord should be aware of and making key recommendations for any maintenance or refurbishment work that needs to be undertaken.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

We can deliver and manage a full range of preventative maintenance and refurbishment work. This work is done pro-actively and in good time and is designed to remove or minimise future maintenance costs. We work with a carefully selected group of contractors to ensure that all work is done cost effectively and to the highest quality. Where appropriate, we aim to recover repair costs on behalf of landlords through, for example, service charge funding.

Health & Safety Compliance and Implementation

We work to ensure that our clients properties are in full compliance with all relevant health and safety laws and regulations. Naturally, all the maintenance and management work we do on our clients’ behalf is in strict accordance with this legislation. As part of our service, we monitor legislative changes and alert our clients to all changes that might affect them. This means that our clients can have full peace of mind that they have met their H&S obligations and that their properties are safe for their tenants and other members of the public to occupy and use.

Breaches of Covenant

In cases where there has been a breach in a covenant or lease, our property team has the expertise and experience to advise all parties of how to proceed to resolve the issue and to protect their best interests. Where necessary we can arrange legal advice and representation.

Risk Assessment Procurement and Compliance

We provide a range of risk assessment and compliance services. These are delivered by our own team and using a carefully selected group of specialist consultants. Thanks to our experience managing a wide range of property, we have a comprehensive understanding of the legislation and requirements that cover this issue and can advise and help accordingly.

“We are delighted with the exceptional managment services provided by G+S on our commercial portfolio. Their lease compliance management minimises our risk as a landlord and protects the value of our assets.” William Gray, Director, ARK Estates (Scotland) Ltd