Financial Management

We offer a comprehensive range of financial management services for commercial property. We will be happy to put together a bespoke package of these services to meet your specific needs. In everything we do, we will work to reduce your costs and maximise your financial returns.

From rent collections and service charge operations through to debt management and financial reporting, we work in partnership with tenants and landlords to ensure everything runs smoothly and that all financial matters are taken care of professionally.

Underlining our commitment to good communication and transparency, we allocate each client with a centrally based accounts manager. We also use a specialist estate management software system to ensure the effective and accurate flow of financial information.

Our capabilities are shown by the fact that we manage an annual rent roll of around £20m. Our highly experienced team ensure that our clients are in compliance with all relevant regulatory and accounting standard and that they meet all deadlines and reporting requirements.

For more service details, see below:

£20m+ Rent Roll
3% Target for 1 month plus debt is to be under 3% of rent roll

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Cost Controls

We work closely with landlords to assess their property management costs on an initial and on-going basis. We are experts at highlighting opportunities to reduce outgoings, such as non-recoverable service charges and non-domestic rates liabilities, and at reducing contractor costs through careful procurement. Our cost control work is done in such a way that service delivery to tenants is not compromised and that all regulatory responsibilities are fully covered.

Rent Collection

We provide a flexible rent collection service for landlords. This service is delivered in compliance with all current regulations in a way that is effective and transparent, ensuring that good relationships are maintained with tenants and that landlords are regularly updated on the status of payments. We use proven, effective processes and you can be certain that your returns will be optimized and that good tenant relationships will be maintained.

Debt Management

We provide a comprehensive debt management service for collecting all types of arrears from tenants. We are skilled at maximizing the amount of money collected, while ensuring that good tenant relationships are maintained. Naturally, this service is delivered in compliance with all current government legislations.

Financial Reporting

We provide a full range of cost-effective financial reporting and control services to assist with the financial management of a property or property portfolio. We offer book-keeping and reporting services and will deliver accounting reports in a form that will dovetail with your financial systems. We can also provide bespoke financial reports to help you make the most effective property investment decisions.

Purchase Ledger

We provide a cost-effective purchase ledger management service. We can timetable and deliver payment runs on your behalf, liaise with suppliers and other parties, and highlight problematic items or opportunities for cost savings. We can also provide a full reporting service. Overall, we can help you streamline this aspect of your business.

Service Charge Management

We are experts at managing service charges in a way that streamlines collections and maximizes cost recovery. We have particular expertise managing complex, multi-schedule service charge operations. We place a high priority on good communications so that all parties are kept well informed and in agreement and that landlord liabilities are minimised. We work in compliance with the RICS code of practice and will keep you up to date with any legislative changes so that you can plan accordingly.


We provide a full budgeting service for each property or development that we manage. We offer regular budget reviews and will ensure that the best possible contractors are being employed and that all services are being delivered in the most cost-effective way possible. We can provide long-tern budget forecasts and advise on issues such as reserve funds and pre-emptive budgeting for repairs. Our approach ensures that the costs of our landlord clients are kept to a minimum, that service delivery is of a high quality and that tenant satisfaction remains high.

Void Management

We provide a comprehensive void management service that ensures that any empty properties are properly managed and that they are made safe and secure to recognised industry standards. We also provide full monitoring and maintenance services where necessary (in partnership with recognised third-party vacant specialists). Through our associated marketing services we also ensure that void periods are kept as short as possible, so that any losses are kept to an absolute minimum.


We have many years of experience helping our clients get the right commercial property insurance for their needs. We work closely with leading insurance brokers to put together cost-effective insurance packages that provide the right level of cover and protection. We also work with our clients to offer the best way to assess their cover on an on-going basis. This ensures that their insurance is updated to meet any changing circumstances or needs.