Asset Strategy

We work with our commercial property management clients as partners and help them manage their assets strategically over long periods of time. We have particular expertise in developing, managing and delivering long-term management plans that maximise our clients’ returns and minimise their outgoings.

These plans are designed to ensure that rent levels and lease agreements are kept updated so that income is maximized and that tenants remain happy – so avoiding void periods and lost revenue.

A key component of our asset management strategy approach is the reduction of landlords’ maintenance and repair costs and other cost liabilities, such as non-recoverable service charges. Such cost control is critical in the current market, where rental growth is low or stagnant.

Maintenance costs are kept down through pro-active maintenance and repairs and by regular reviews that ensure that service delivery costs are kept at a minimum and that contractor procurement remains cost-effective.

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350+ Rent reviews and lease renewals / re-gears identified in 2017.
Value We keep our Property Management database under constant review and identify opportunities to improve and increase asset value.

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Rent Reviews

We use our experience and extensive knowledge of commercial rental law to advise on rent reviews. As part of this work, we will review the property, the provisions of existing leases and the current condition of the market (amongst other issues). We will then advise on the optimal rate that should be charged – one that provides maximum returns, while also being acceptable to the property’s tenants.

New Lettings

We provide advice to landlords on all aspects of lease expiry and renewal. These issues include serving notices to tenants, drawing up the terms of new leases and making claims for dilapidations. We use our expertise and experience (from across our property management, agency and building surveying teams) to secure the best possible settlements and outcomes for our clients.

Strategic Enhancements

We continually look for opportunities to upgrade and enhance our clients’ property assets (including plant, equipment, fittings and fitments). Our aim is always to reduce running costs and future maintenance and repair bills, while maximising letting and re-sale values. Where appropriate, we aim to recover refurbishment costs on behalf of our landlord clients through, for example, service charge funding.

Tenant Relationships

We work in partnership with tenants and landlords to ensure that all contractual issues are well implemented and managed, that tenants are happy with all aspects of their tenancy and that any issues or complaints are dealt with swiftly and to the satisfaction of all parties (and in accordance with legislation). Overall, we work proactively to enhance tenant relationships and deliver long-term leases that are beneficial to all stakeholders.


Our management approach ensures that property sales can be moved forward rapidly. This allows our clients to quickly capitalise on any value enhancements our management strategies have delivered. When required, our property management and agency teams work together to provide highly effective sale and marketing services.