Business Lease Renewals + Re-gears

Our experienced commercial Lease Consultancy team provides advice and representation on all issues relating to commercial lease renewals and other related matters. The team acts for landlords, property managers and tenants and works across a range of businesses, including the office, retail, commercial and industrial sectors.

We have the expertise to manage complex rent review and lease renewals on large national property portfolios extending to thousands of sites and properties across multiple sectors.

Our in-house team of Lease Consultants have a full understanding of current Scots Property Law and can provide expert analysis of evidence. They also have extensive experience acting as expert witnesses in Arbitration Independent Expert procedures, Lands Tribunal and the High Court.

 In addition, because they work closely with our commercial agency department, our team has detailed knowledge of the market trends and statistics that determine the terms of lease renewals and re-gears – this means that the advice they give is based on the latest market data, which also strengthens their hand in negotiations.

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Expertise To manage complex rent review and lease renewals.
In-house Team of Lease Consultants can provide expert analysis of evidence.

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Working closely with our commercial agency department, we have detailed knowledge of the market forces that can determine the terms of a new lease. When advising on an upcoming lease renewal, our team can offer guidance on all relevant issues, such as clauses that clients might want to contest or insert, and advising on the strength of each parties’ negotiating position. Our team also provides ad-hoc consultancy advice and assistance for specific issues that arise during the term of a lease agreement. For example, advising on the good sense of extending a lease for a tenant who wants to invest in a property part of the way through a lease.

Negotiation services

We provide expert negotiating services for all types of lease renewals. During negotiations, opportunities can arise for either party to obtain a significant commercial advantage. We ensure that our client’s best interests are protected thanks to our expert understanding of the law and of the procedures involved, for example, the strict timetable procedure of notices and counter notices that applies to lease renewals.

Due Dilligence

We work with all our clients to ensure that they have prepared all of the documentation required for a lease renewal to go ahead. This helps speed up the process and facilitates a positive outcome.

Surrenders & Portfolio Rationalisation

We can provide advice and support for all aspects of the rationalisation of property portfolios and the surrender of properties. We will work closely with you to understand your business objectives and ensure that your portfolio is developed in the optimal way. We can provide a full range of property disposal services to ensure that you get the best possible return for your estate assets when they are sold.