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If you are looking for a Building Surveying team who can help you maximise the value of your property and minimise your costs and liabilities, then we are the team to come to.

We work with a broad spectrum of clients, including leading names in the public and private sectors. We represent a wide spectrum of retained clients including Local Authorities, Inward Investors, Government Departments, Major Retailers and Industrialists, Licensed Trade Operators and Insurance Loss Adjusters amongst others.

Thanks to our expertise, experience and nationwide network of local offices we are able to deliver a professional, cost-effective service with a real personal touch. We place a high priority on expertise, good communications and building long-term client relationships based on trust.

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70 Dilapidations instructions in 2018
54 Schedule of Conditions instructions in 2018

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Building Surveys and defect analysis

Our detailed surveys provide a comprehensive assessment of the construction and condition of all elements of the building fabric, both externally and internally. We can identify shortcomings and defects within the building fabric, and provide advice on appropriate remedial measures and actions to remove deficiencies.

Project Management & Consultancy

We provide an expert project management service to numerous types of clients, including developers, to ensure that new build or refurbishment projects are delivered as efficiently and in as cost-effective manner as possible, from project inception through to conclusion.

Dilapidation Surveys

Our surveyors provide expert advice to clients, in instances where they are either landlord or tenant in commercial properties, to ensure their interests are best protected at the lease expiry.  The process generally involves review of the relevant legal documentation, and assessment of the building condition, to identify shortcomings or otherwise in terms of the lease conditions.  In many instances such assessments result in entering in to negotiations to agree financial settlement agreements where shortcomings have not been addressed prior to lease expiry.

Development Monitoring

Any form of building project requires sound management to ensure that it is delivered on time, within budget, and to an acceptable quality of workmanship. We provide this service to developers and funding authorities to ensure that developments are properly controlled and monitored from inception to completion.

Energy Performance Certificates

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) must be provided to any prospective buyer or tenant when a property is either sold or rented, where said property falls within certain size criteria. Our accredited Energy Assessors can provide domestic and commercial EPCs for new builds or refurbishments.

Equalities Act Audits

We advise clients of their responsibilities under the Equalities Act (formally the Disability Discrimination Act), highlight areas where changes should be made and provide advice on the remedial measures that should be taken.

Insurance Assessments & Claims

We review buildings with a view to determining appropriate assessments on the reinstatement cost (RCA’s), in the event of total loss occurring through proscribed perils.  We are also experts in assessing the extent and nature of required reinstatement works in the event of properties being damaged, typically through fire or flood. We can project manage such repairs and engage with insurance companies and other relevant interested parties.

Professional and legal surveys

Property owners and occupiers have legal and statutory obligations and responsibilities in respect of the property they own or occupy. We offer professional advice to ensure that all legal and statutory obligations and responsibilities have been adhered to. These surveys protect the interests of building occupiers, owners and managers.

Schedule of Condition surveys

When entering into legal lease agreements on commercial property, it is important that parties protect their interest by having a record of the condition recorded at the lease outset.  This can provide physical documentation which can be invaluable at the lease expiry in mitigating or proving loss.  We are regularly engaged to provide such assessment documents.

"We have been working regularly on a number of mixed use developments, for the last 25 years, on both the Building Surveying and Architectural Departments and the quality of service has been exceptional with very good response times and best value for money for the projects." Gavin Russell, R & R Investments
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