Architectural Design

We provide a full architectural design service from initial concept and space planning through to final design and detailing.

Our in-house architectural team work in conjunction with other in-house staff and external consultants to ensure all projects are well designed and that they provide an end product which satisfies each client’s needs and aspirations.

Our architectural department is equipped with the latest computer aided design equipment. It can produce design and working drawings and has the capability to generate two-dimensional digital information and three-dimensional drawings together with perspectives and walk-throughs.

For more service details, see below:

Technology The latest computer aided design equipment is employed.
Partnership Working in conjunction with in-house teams and external consultants.

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Measured Surveys

We deliver measured surveys using laser measuring devices. We can prepare accurate drawings of existing buildings for client use.

Lease Plan

Using our up-to-date data base of ordnance survey maps of the UK we can produce lease plans for specific properties.

Space Planning

We provide space planning services for new builds and refurbishments. These are designed to optimise the way in which internal spaces are laid out and used. Working from plans, we can produce gross and net internal areas, stacking plans, feasibility studies and space management layouts.

Sun Path Analysis

To assist in planning applications, we can animate the sun shadows cast by a building. We have the capacity to do this for any given point in time anywhere in the world.