Home Report: (normally instructed by the seller of a property or their advisers)

It is now mandatory when selling residential property in Scotland to provide prospective purchasers with a Home Report. The Home Report is instructed by the seller of the property or their agent and consists of three mandatory documents, together with an optional mortgage valuation report.

Graham + Sibbald have specially trained Surveyors in each of our offices able to prepare Home Report and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). These can be provided through our own unique 'GS Home Report platform’ for whoever is selling/marketing a domestic property, or through ‘Openhouse’, a business to business only solution.

Home Reports incorporate the following elements:

a) Single Survey:

This is a fairly detailed report on the condition of the property as evident from a surface examination as defined in our Terms & Conditions of Engagement.

The Single Survey provides a general description of the property and separates the building into twenty four areas where comment is made in relation to the condition.

The condition of the property is separated into three categories :-
Category 1 - No immediate repair is needed
Category 2 - Repair or replacement requiring future attention, but estimates are still advised.
Category 3 - Urgent repairs or replacement are needed now. Failure to deal with them may cause problems to other parts of the property or cause a safety hazard. Estimates for repair or replacements are needed now.

In addition this document contains an accessibility information section, together with the market value and insurance valuation of the property.

b) Energy Performance Certificate:

Graham + Sibbald, Chartered Surveyors are registered with Elmhurst Energy Systems to provide Energy Performance Certificates as part of the Home Report.

c) Property Questionnaire:

This document is completed by the seller or their agent and provided to any prospective purchasers on request. You can download the document from the Scottish Government website: Property Questionnaire.

d) Mortgage Valuation Report (Optional):

Graham + Sibbald offer a mortgage valuation report to accompany the Home Report for the sellers to pass onto prospective purchasers to enable them to obtain a commitment from lenders in relation to providing mortgage finance over any prospective purchase.

On completion of the sales transaction Graham + Sibbald will provide a transcripted mortgage valuation report to the agreed purchaser’s mortgage provider.

For detailed Terms & Conditions in relation to this service please contact your nearest Graham + Sibbald Office who will be happy to provide this information.


Any further details regarding the Home Report scheme can be found on the Scottish
Government website at: www.homereportscotland.gov.uk