3rd August 2010 back to news

Planning: The Future of Scotland’s Countryside - A Living, Working Entity

At an event in Blair Drummond Community Hall on 29 July, Stirling Council was given a clear message that rural Stirlingshire is a living, working entity and that current and future planning policies should support and enable this.
The rural planning issues workshop, jointly organised by Stirling Council and the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association was the last in a series of stakeholder workshops which aimed to inform the new Local Development Plan for Stirling.
Around 50 landowners, land managers and local community representatives gathered to learn about the proposed changes to planning policy contained in the Local Development Plan Main Issues Report.  A range of topics were discussed including Housing, Business, Tourism, Natural Environment, Renewable Energy and Green Belts.
Ian Kelly MRTPI, Head of Planning at Graham + Sibbald and member of SRPBA planning group, commented: “The new Local Development Plan system in Scotland places great emphasis on consultation and involvement and, therefore, the opportunity to have this workshop, at the Main Issues Report stage, to look specifically at rural issues is most welcome.”
“The key objective for the SRPBA is that planning policies in the new Local Development Plans should clearly facilitate the future of Scotland’s countryside as a living, working entity and not just as a garden or recreational area for urban dwellers. That means positive, pro-development policies whilst recognising the need to protect key natural heritage assets. It also means a willingness to be flexible and fair in recognition of the fact that economic and other circumstances will vary during the lifetime of the Plan.”
Scott Petrie, SRPBA North East & Central Regional Manager said: “The current Stirling Main Issues Report makes an excellent start in raising many of the key issues that needed to be debated and agreed if the optimum policy framework is to emerge in the Proposed Plan.”
“The SRPBA will be encouraging members to continue to be involved and to seek professional advice as and when appropriate. The key point to remember is – you have to make your case at the start, not when the Examination/Inquiry stage is reached."
The consultation period for representations on the Main Issues Report has been extended to 13th August and further details are available online at www.stirling.gov.uk