14th January 2008 back to news

Looking for a property that's a little bit different?

Many varied and unique properties come onto the Edinburgh market, but rarely has something quite as off beat as this been offered for sale.

Following the recent publicity on Scotland's most expensive houses, one of the Capitals cheapest and most unusual properties has just gone on the market. It is unlikely to achieve a place in the next issue of Scotland's 50 most expensive properties, but might make it into the cheapest 50!

Graham + Sibbald are delighted to announce that they have been instructed on behalf of retained clients, Lothian Buses PLC, to dispose of this prized asset of theirs, which comprises a single storey brick built toilet block, including 2 WC cubicles and washing facilities. Strategically located on Glasgow Road adjacent to the entrance to the Marriot Hotel, the facility was originally built for tram drivers and conductors and subsequently bus drivers at the end of their route.

Extension of bus routes beyond the former Maybury terminus has rendered the building redundant and it is now available for sale.

Les McAndrew of Graham & Sibbald comments: "We are flushed with success at being appointed to handle this property, which occupies a highly prominent site and lends itself to use as an advertising station or to a variety of other potential uses. This instruction highlights Graham & Sibbald's ability to handle any property transaction and should not be poo-poo`d.

This is an ideal opportunity to get on to the property ladder and we hope to be bogged down with enquiries - obviously viewing is at your own convenience, and although not expected to be expensive by Edinburgh standards, it will still be beyond the reach of people who only want to spend a penny."

Neil Renilson, Lothian Buses chief executive added: "It will be a real relief for people desperate to own a wee building to find a reasonably priced property, including two smallest rooms, on the market. Interest is sure to be considerable, so early viewing is recommended to avoid being caught short."...