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Commercial Property in Scotland - Action Plans Update

Commercial Property in Scotland - Action Plans Update


Action Plans apply to Commercial property in Scotland with a floor area greater than 1,000 m2, and are required for any building offered for sale or rental on or after 1st September 2016.
Any property over 1,000 m
2 must have an Action Plan in addition to having a valid EPC for the same building. The Action Plan will identify energy savings and emission targets, as well as highlighting to the owner how these energy and emission savings will be met through improvements to the building. It is important to stress that the Action Plan improvement measures differ from the EPC Recommendation Report Cost effective improvements.
In advance of the new legislation Graham + Sibbald have ensured that their experienced Surveyors, who are already trained to undertake Commercial EPC’s were trained to become Section 63 Advisors. Only Section 63 Advisors can calculate the Action Plan and improvement targets. The improvement targets are bench marked against seven prescribed energy saving measures as directed by the new legislation to give a proposed energy target.
A building owner in conjunction with the Section 63 Advisor can finalise a package of improvement measures. Thereafter, the owner can decide whether to carry out the improvements to the building or alternatively defer the improvements by reporting the annual operational ratings of the property by means of having a DEC (Display Energy Certificate) undertaken on an annual basis.
The Action Plan and the improvement measures must be lodged on the Scottish EPC Register and  made available to any prospective buyer or tenant of the building.
There are a number of clarification points, the most pertinent being;

- The valid EPC and Action Plan must match the property being sold or leased

- An Action Plan is not required if the building being sold/leased meets the 2002 Scottish Building Regulations

- Once improvement works have commenced these works must be complete within a timescale of 3 1/2 years to ensure the building is compliant


Should you require further clarification on Action Plans please contact your local Graham + Sibbald office - www.g-s.co.uk/Contacts/.