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Consultation on Planning Application Fees

Scottish Government Consultation on Raising Planning Fees

Proposal to Increase Planning Application Fees More Than 5 Times the Current Levels


The Scottish Government has recently published a consultation paper on increasing planning application fees. This is part of their ongoing review of the Scottish planning system.


The Scottish Government is proposing to increase planning application fees, for major applications in excess of 5 times the current fee levels. It is proposed that the maximum fee for detailed applications will increase from the current level of £20,055 to £125,000. It is also proposed to increase the maximum fee for application for planning permission in principle from £10,028 to £62,500.


The proposed increses in maximum fee levels for detailed applications are still somewhat below the fee levels charged in England, where the maximum fee is £250,000.


The Scottish Government recognises that any increase in fees must be linked to improvements in performance within the planning service. What is lacking from the brieg consultation paper is exactly what applications will be getting for such a large increase in fee levels. There is currently no details on what improvements will be made to the planning service within Local Authorities or how the Scottish Government proposes to better resource this service.


The proposed increase in application fees currently only relates to major scale applications (e.g. development sites over 2 hectacres, over 50 residential units or over 10,000 sw m gross floorspace for business, general industrial and storage uses). The proposed changes also only relate to the following categories of development:

- Residential development

- The erection of buildings other than residential or agricultural

- Plant and machinery


The Scottish Government plans to undertake a wider review of the application fee structure once the current planning reform programme has identified changes to the planning system.


The consultation period in relation to raising planning fees ends on the 27th February 2017. A copy of the Scottish Government consultation paper can be accessed via the link below:

Consultation on Raising Planning Fees


For any further information on this consultation and how it may impact on your proposals or any other planning queries, please contact:

Kerri McGuire


Planning and Development Team

T: 0141 567 5371

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