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Briery Bank - Haddington

Bid for 200 Briery Bank homes

Potential development site next to land already earmarked for a cemetery


Proposals for up to 200 new homes on the southern edge of Haddington are expected to be unveiled to the public in the new year.

Plans for land to the south of Briery Bank were lodged with East Lothian Council earlier this month.

The site was not included on the council’s Local Development Plan but Glasgow-based Graham & Sibbald are exploring the possibility of building housing there.

A spokesman for the company stressed proposals were still at an early stage.

He added: “I don’t think any sort of details are finalised. It is more the principle of a residential development on that site.”

The Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) has also been sent to the town’s community council, which is likely to discuss the matter at its meeting next month.

Paul Darling, planning liaison officer with the group, was keen to find out more about what was being mooted.

A nearby four-hectare section of farmland, to the east of the site, has already been earmarked in the Local Development Plan for a cemetery. It is thought such a cemetery could host up to 7,000 lairs.

Further studies would have to be conducted, with a planning application submitted and public consultation events held, before any cemetery could be created.

Mr Darling said: “I think we are going to oppose the housing development.

“I know a number of residents at Briery Bank didn’t like the idea of a graveyard going up there so I don’t suppose they are going to like the housing.

“The developers have not given us any numbers but it is a huge field and it is the whole length or Briery Bank and all the way back to the hedge line. It is not going to be a small number.”

 Mr Darling suggested that the site could be used for upwards of 200 homes and said the community council would look at the matter further at their next meeting on Tuesday, December 13.

Details will also be sent to the ward’s three councillors: John McMillan, Ludovic Broun-Lindsay and Tom Trotter, ahead of a public exhibition, planned for the Maitlandfield House Hotel, potentially on January 27.

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