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Rising Star: Callum's Blog

Rising Star: Callum's Blog

Hello everyone all the way from Hong Kong and Happy New Year!

This year has been a big one for air miles having returned from New Zealand for Christmas in Dundee to then returning to Manchester for Hogmanay and then onto Hong Kong.

I’m here for the final World Cup of the season also importantly the final World Cup before the Olympics. 

First of all I thought I’d update you all on how the last World Cup went in New Zealand. Our goal for this World Cup season is to qualify the GB team for the Olympics. As opposed to previous years this means we often ‘train through’ World Cups as much as possible. This is so as we can ‘taper’ our training down in the run up to the Olympics so we perform optimally when it matters most.

With this in mind we had a relatively successful trip. In the Team Sprint where I was the third rider we finished in fourth place. The best finish GB has managed since last season. Not a spectacular result but enough to maintain our position in the qualification table to sure up our spot at Rio. However as a team we are always striving to do better.

After the long trip home came the festive season. However as it falls in the middle of the cycling season we were still putting in the hard training sessions so there was limited time to relax and properly enjoy the festivities!

My performances’ in New Zealand and in recent training meant I was successful in gaining selection for the Hong Kong World Cup. Just gaining selection is another plus point for me. This is because in order to compete at the World Championships in March you have to ride two out of the three world cups. So gaining selection for Hong Kong, my second World Cup cements up Worlds qualification. 

This more of less brings you all up to date as I write this on the Tuesday competition begins on the Friday and finishes on the Sunday. Hopefully I’ll have some good results to update you of when I return!