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Rising Star: Callum's Blog

Rising Star: Callum's Blog


Hope all well at G&S. I wanted to drop you a blog as you may have noticed my name isn’t on the list for the European Champs later this month. It’s all part of the bigger plan…


Since the outdoor season my respiratory and back health have taken a bit of a knock. Asthma and a back issues are factors I have struggled with over my career. Overall I have been doing well and I’m happy to say until now I had had my longest good spell. We are working towards a point where I no longer have these issues through regular rehab with the Physio and help from the Doctor and Nutritionist to boost my immunity to coughs and colds. The recent issue was similar to what I experienced at the tail end of last season where the volume of racing was intense.


However from last year we learned a lot and we now have the opportunity to put what we learned into practice. As a result we have created a race schedule that should really get the results I want.


We are pushing the start of my season back by eight weeks. This means missing the British and European Championships. This is quite disappointing as I was really keen to defend my four British and one European titles. The plan now is to do the last two world cups of the season and hopefully the World Championships, so just three major events in total. As we learnt from last season I could only really perform at my best for three consecutive events, this new plan plays to my strengths. Three major events also gives me plenty of opportunities to aid my section to the Olympics. 


Overall this new approach to the season could be hard to swallow, as it is easy to become fixated on short term goals and retaining titles. Ultimately however this year has a far more important focus, the Olympics.


I believe with this schedule I can put myself in the best position possible for selection. For me it’s a new way to approach the season and ultimately I believe it’s the best decision for the longer term. 


I have now started training again after a week off. My chest and back have recovered and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some hard training.


I’m really motivated to bring back some good results in eight weeks’ time from World Cup 2 in New Zealand. I will keep you updated!