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Rising Star: Callum's Blog

Rising Star: Callum's Blog


I’m delighted that Graham and Sibbald are supporting me for another year. Your contribution makes a massive difference. The financial support helps with daily expenses and it allows me to solely focus on riding my bike and training to get faster every day. It’s also great to know that all of the Graham and Sibbald staff are behind me. It meant an awful lot to see some of you at the Glasgow Revolution cheering me through the competition. The enthusiasm and support I receive from you all is fantastic and really inspirational. I’ve also found great opportunities to learn from those of you I have met. A lot of the problems you may face in business aren't always too dissimilar from what I may face in cycling. Our partnership really is a great way to learn from one and other.


Before looking forward to the next 12 months I thought it would be good to look back and look at the results from this past season.


Since Graham and Sibbald began sponsoring me I've had some fantastic results; European Title in the 1Km TT, win at a World Cup and a ride at the World Championships. What makes these results so special is that I had never achieved them before so it shows real progression. I feel like I was riding the crest of the wave this season and hopefully I can keep this momentum going into the next season. 


This season I hope to build on this success, targeting more wins and more titles on my road to Rio. Having Graham and Sibbald along on this journey is going to be really exciting. The Olympics are less than a year away. Last year I made my debut at the World Championships, hopefully this year I’ll make my Olympic one. 


However before the Olympics there are a number of competitions to attend; some great opportunities in which to hone my skills before Rio. In October there is the European Championships (Switzerland) and World Cup 1 (Columbia). In December there is World Cup 2 (New Zealand), and in March, the World Championships (United Kingdom) - that’s only four big competitions before the main event. 


The second most important event in this year’s calendar is the World Championships in London. This should be an event that is widely televised so I’m sure you'll be tuning in to see how things go. If any of you are able to attend in person even better! There might also be a few other opportunities to come and spectate. The Revolution in Glasgow will offer another opportunity to watch racing live again this year. I will also be keeping you up to date with monthly blogs detailing my progress. You can also follow my progress from my Twitter account - @CallumSkinner. Finally I may also see many of you in the coming year when I can attend Graham and Sibbald events.



Overall it’s a big thanks for me, Graham and Sibbald really do make a huge difference to what I do. It’s going to be a massive year and I couldn't be happier to have Graham and Sibbald as a partner along that journey.