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Rising Star: Callum's Blog

Rising Star: Callum's Blog


Hi Everyone, I’m writing this from sunny Valencia as I participate in a GB pre-Worlds training camp. The two weeks so far have allowed for some quality training, in comparison to quite a disruptive festive period of over eating and travel. I’m making really good progress at the moment and I'm managing to stay fit and healthy since the illness that struck me down at the London World Cup.


In addition to this training camp, Revolution Round 4 Glasgow is a great opportunity for me sharpen up my race skills. It’s really exciting that some of you are planning to come and spectate for the evening. Last year I won the sprint event, which was a fantastic moment for me in front of such strong home support. I hope to emulate last year’s success this time around. It should be a great show as the competition is fierce: for example, Olympic Champion and my team mate Jason Kenny is competing, plus other acclaimed international riders. 


If it’s your first time watching competitive cycling, Revolution is a great place to start as the programme and commentary give lots of information as to what’s going on. If it’s your first time visiting a velodrome, I highly recommend walking to the bends and looking over the edge - it’s a long way to the bottom and it will give you a good impression of just how steep it really is! I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have if I see you there.


After Revolution it’s back down south to Manchester. Hopefully by then I’ll have a better idea of where I sit in the team in the run up to Worlds. Revolution will play a key role in allowing the selectors to make their final call as to who rides in what events. That’s all for now but I will write another update before Worlds.