4th September 2014 back to news

Rising Star: Callum Skinner

Hi Everyone,


It’s great to be involved with the G+S athlete program. As a result I’m happy to announce that this will be the first of a series of blogs so as you can follow my development. 

I thought for this first blog it would be good to give you a little bit of my back-story. Since a young age I tried many different and quirky sports. Having lived in Glasgow, Dunfermline and Edinburgh the change of scenery also helped to make this variety possible. It was whilst living in Edinburgh that I first tried cycling at Meadowbank Velodrome. I was inspired to give it a go after watching Sir Chris Hoy winning gold at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. After my first few laps of Meadowbank I was hooked. Soon what started as a hobby progressed into a career. One of the main markers in this transition was when I had my first major success by becoming Youth British Sprint Champion, British Cycling soon started to take an interest. Since then I have gone on to medal at European and World Cup level and I became British Sprint Champion for the second time in 2012 but this time as a senior! Today I live in Manchester and have done for four years in order to train with the British Team and take advantage of their support structure.


Having competed at many different competitions around the world nothing compared to competing at a home games in the city of my birth, Glasgow 2014. Last June was definitely an unforgettable experience as the atmosphere was incredible. It’s amazing to see how big a difference it is and will make to Glasgow in the future. My own performances were something of a disappointment I could not quite find the pace I was looking for. The field was also a lot more competitive than any of the home nations anticipated; we were blown away by the speed of the Auzzys and the Kiwis. So lots of points to learn from and looking forward to the next two years we have a big target to chase!

Lastly I’d like to mention how helpful the support from G+S is to me. First of all it’s great to know that everyone from G+S are behind me at major competitions. Secondly, with your support I expect to be able to do more racing abroad than I’m usually able to. Despite the UK being a cycling super power, our domestic racing scene and strength in depth leaves a lot to be desired. Therefore it’s great to have the funding to travel abroad and gain more vital race experience.

Make sure to look out for my next blog soon, my next event is The British Championships in Manchester mid-September and I hope to see some of you there. 





Photograph credit to Robyn Stewart