6th December 2012 back to news

GS residential review for November 2012

In what is becoming a traditionally quieter period for new sellers, November has continued to produce an encouraging number of sales with properties commanding respectable prices relative to asking price and valuation. Select properties have been relatively quick to sell indicating continuing demand which will hopefully serve to build confidence in both buyers and sellers thereby encouraging new properties to be brought to the market early in the New Year or even before.
Kevin MacDonald, Associate, Inverness (see inset)

As the year draws to an end, listings of second hand properties have decreased markedly, in line with normal market trends over the past few years.  Selling agents however advise this has boosted sales of existing stock, albeit with many properties selling at reduced prices.  In addition builders continue to report sale levels above expectations, helped on many occasions by various types of incentives.  On the whole therefore the market in general remains positive, although relatively static.
Darroch Robertson, Associate, Aberdeen

We have seen the typical flurry of activity during the first few weeks of November, with sellers new
to the market keen to get the property on the market and exposed to buyers before the traditional
festive slowdown. during the last month, sales appear to have been acheived where sellers are
prepared to be realistic with their price expectations. I expect the market will start the traditional
slowdown which will continue into January, as we have seen over the last several years. I would
however highlight to would be sellers, that as most buyers wish to ensure there current property is
sold before committing to a new pruchase, that anyone currently on the market who finds a buyer
will immediately become a buyer theselves, so will be looking for suitable purchase options!
Craig Henderson, Partner, Glasgow