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Local Development Plans - Consultations

If you own, manage or are looking to develop land and / or property in the coming years Graham + Sibbald’s Planning Team can help! Getting in touch with your Local Planning Authority early means you have the opportunity to influence future stages of the Local Development Plan (LDP) in a way that will help your proposals.

Graham + Sibbald’s professional Planning Team can help you make your views known and help get your land or site appropriately allocated in the emerging new Local Development Plans. The
earlier decision makers are aware of your aspirations and / or concerns the better able they are to take them into account.

Outlined below are current consultation deadlines for the LDP development process. These will be updated on a regular basis.

Please contact us if you require any further information or to discuss a proposal.Email planning@g-s.co.uk or telephone 0141 332 1194

Pre-Main Issues Reports Input
- West Dunbartonshire- 31th October 2011 (closing date)
- East Lothian- Are prepared to accept submissions at this time for potential development sites
- Mid Lothian- No specific date, but would like submissions asap for potential development sites
- South Lanarkshire- 14th October 2011 (closing date)

Comments on Main Issues Reports
- City of Edinburgh- Consultation starts 31st October
- Dundee City- 10th October to 2nd December
- East Renfrewshire- Due to commence   
- Falkirk- Due to commence Glasgow- 3rd October to 12th December

Other policy
- East Renfrewshire- Developer Contribution Policy (Supplementary Planning Guidance) Consultation launch 4th October
- Scottish Borders Council – Review of Local landscape Designations (deadline 11th November)