Valuations are needed for a wide variety of reasons, Usually for secured lending purposes you intend raising a mortgage. We are accepted by most lending institutions and have experience in valuing commercial property and businesses of all types.

We are also often asked to provide advice to allied professionals such as solicitors, accountants and financial advisors.

Professional Services

A good knowledge of market values, the ability to analyse comparable evidence and an appreciation of the complex statute and case law is essential if landlords and tenants are to protect their interests and either maximise or minimise rents payable. Within the professional team we have experienced commercial rent review/lease renewal surveyors who are able to provide those services:

Rent Reviews

Rent reviews require a full understanding of Scots Property Law, together with case law relating to other rent reviews.

  • We will provide clients with initial advice on the justification of an increase before notices have been served.
  • Our fees can be performance related to reflect the increase or saving achieved where appropriate.
  • We have wide experience in acting as expert witnesses in Arbitration Independent Expert procedures, Lands Tribunal and the High Court.

Lease Renewals

The renewal of a business lease, is complex for those unfamiliar with its provisions and Scots Property Law. We are able to advise both in terms of the statutory protection and also the strength of the parties negotiating position.

  • Opportunities can arise for either party to obtain a significant commercial advantage on a lease renewal and it is therefore important for a clear understanding of the strict timetable procedure of notices and counter notices.
  • Working closely with our commercial agency department, we have detailed knowledge of the market forces that can determine the terms of a new lease.

Property Taxation

Local Authority rates are normally the largest property tax faced by any occupier of non domestic property - and it is an annual charge.

Through our fourteen local offices throughout the UK we have combined our rating surveyors experience.

In addition we can provide valuations for other statutory tax purposes such as:

  • Inheritance
  • Capital Gains
  • Stamp Duty adjudication.