Business Rates Revaluation


The Business Rates Revaluation is underway and your rates bills will be affected from the 1st April 2017.

The Assessor's Office are in the process of sending Notices to confirm the new proposed Rateable Values. In Scotland if you want to challenge your Rateable Value it must be done before the 30th September 2017, giving a short 6 month period to appeal. The Rateable Value (RV) is a crucially important component of your bill and the only part of it open to challenge.

If the RV is not appealed in this 6 month period, then your appeal rights may be lost until 2022.

As part of our rating service Graham + Sibbald are regularly monitoring the situation, and if you wish to obtain advice on the appeal procedure and the Graham + Sibbald full service, please email us at with a list of your properties.

Help With Business Rates:

Graham + Sibbald have been providing bespoke rating advice to clients for over 50 years. Our Rating Team is focused on your business to provide you with advice tailored to your needs, ensuring your rates liability is minimised. We have a strong track record of providing all types of rating services including;

  • Rating Appeals

  • Identifying savings for businesses through the various relief schemes

  • Reducing empty rates liability

There are various relief packages available which have to be applied for. Please contact us for advice on your liability.


Rates Timetable:

March/ April   2017

Valuation Notices sent out to Scottish Properties.

1 April 2017

Your property’s new Rateable Value comes in to effect for a five-year period.  The appeals process begins. Rates bills are issued.

30 September 2017

Last date for Revaluation appeals to be lodged.


Assessor begins to deal with appeals.

31 December 2020

Last date for completion of all Revaluation Appeals.


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